Seven Wonderful Advantages of Staying In Top Rated Hotels in Old Manali

What is it like to stay in a luxury hotel? Have you ever experienced the feeling of staying at a luxury hotel when in Manali? Well, in simple words, it is an experience to the next level. Whether it’s a romantic vacation or a weekend break, staying at the top hotels in Manali is sure to make the most of your time in the hills.

In this post, we will discuss the top reasons (advantages) of staying at the top-rated hotels in Manali.

So, let’s proceed…

The outstanding and luxurious experience

Without any doubt, the accommodations like 3 star hotels in Manali, 5 star hotels in Manali, and 7 star hotels in Manali are aimed at and designed to give a luxurious feeling to their guests. The moment you enter the property, you are sure to have a comfortable and luxurious feeling. The services and facilities offered by the hotel and their staff are of the line and exceptional in nature.

You can easily differentiate between a normal hotel and the top-rated hotels in Manali. The best part here is that they come with butler services, room service, welcome drinks on arrival, car parking, welcome sweets, and a lot more. Additionally, the staff is very friendly and professional so you can expect brilliant personal care.

Beautiful rooms and luxurious beds

When you are on a vacation, you don’t just want to visit the best and most renowned tourist destinations, but you would also want to feel comfortable and relaxed after a tiring day out. This is what makes choosing the top hotels in Manali for your stay. The best part about these hotels is that the rooms are comfortable, cozy, and relaxing. They are well designed, which makes you feel at ease at all times.

Since we are talking about traveling to the hills, the top-rated hotels in Manali will ensure that the rooms reflect the mood and ambiance of the destination you are in. you can expect magnificent architecture and awe-inspiring surroundings of the place to be encapsulated in the rooms of the luxury hotel.

The amenities it comes with

Many people would say that staying at the top 10 hotels in Manali can be expensive, but when you have a look at the amenities and facilities offered, they’d sound like great deals for sure.

At a luxury hotel, you can get large-sized TV in the tools, luxurious toiletries, robes, complimentary Wi-Fi, and coffee machines among other things. But if you are not sure about the amenities offered, you can always ask them a few questions to clear the doubts:

Do you have an in-house bar?

This is something that you can surely expect when booking the top hotels in Manali with a mountain view. You can enjoy some refreshing drinks after you travel around the hills.

Is there a parking facility available?

Well, this is something that will really take your worries away about the safety of your vehicle, especially when you are traveling on your own.  Make sure to ask if there are charges applicable to the parking facility.

Is there a lift available in the hotel?

If you are traveling with elders or would like to not use the stairs after tiring sightseeing, you would want to reach your hotel room with the help of these lifts without any hassle.

Do you offer non-smoking rooms?

Although all the top hotels in Manali would offer you non-smoking rooms, you must ensure, if you are a non-smoker or have a breathing problem. A few hotels are even completely smoke-free properties.

Better VIP and loyalty perks

When booking the top rated hotels in Manali, you can expect additional perks as most of them would either offer a preferred partner program or are a member of a luxury consortium. This means that you can expect to enjoy some special perks, such as an upgrade on arrival, complimentary breakfast, hotel credit, etc.

The perks may depend upon the type of room you are booking or the package you have selected. Before booking the 3-star hotel in Manali, it is mandatory that you make a phone call to the staff and ask for loyalty perks available so that you can make a better and informed decision.

Reliable Check-in Facility

One of the best parts about choosing the 5 star accommodation in Manali is that they care about the comfort and overall experience of their guests. This is why they are never too stringent about their check-in or check-out rules. They can make the changes according to your convenience so that you don’t feel hassled in case you arrive at the property before the regular check-in time.

There is always a staff member available to greet you at the hotel reception. In contrast, if you are booking the traditional hotels or Airbnb rooms, you always have a risk of not being able to meet up with the host and access your room when you arrive. But, as always, it is very important to let the hotel staff informed about your late or early check-in needs to avoid any kind of additional hassle.

Unique activities at the resort

How about a DJ playing your favorite music when you visit the restaurant for dinner? Well, that is something that you can only expect when staying at the 7-star hotel in Manali. The reason here is that they aim to give their guests a completely satisfactory experience of staying at the hills with a chill mood.

Apart from this, there are many other unique activities that the hotel staff may offer like cultural activities and performances that will make your day for sure. For example, there may be some special days reserved for the activities when a guest musician will be called in-house to perform the amazing music for you… live.

Final Words

When planning your vacation, it is very important that you do good and detailed research before booking a hotel. Make sure to prepare a Manali hotel name list and check the facilities, amenities they are offering. Don’t forget to compare prices as it is a very important part of booking the top hotels in Manali.

There are many hotels that would also create their personal websites so that you can visit their web portal and explore the list of services and the room types available. This gives you a clear idea about what to expect from the particular hotel. So, before you make the final choice, it is important that you know everything about the hotel, whether booking a 3 star hotel in Manali, 5 star hotel in Manali, or a 7 star hotel in Manali.