Where to Stay in Old Manali & Affordable Places To Visit in India

If you are planning a family trip to any hill station, then Manali can be the best pick. Not only the new Manali, but Old Manali is also a wonderful place to explore. An interesting thing about this place is that there are many budget-friendly hotels and you don’t have to worry about where to stay in old Manali!

Whether you are going there in the summer or winter season, this hill station is an all-time favorite for people. Those who love trekking, skydiving or paragliding, can find this place amazing and adventurous. Who is left? Those who want to enjoy yoga! Yes, this place is known to offer the best yoga course in India too and is well suitable for yoga lovers also. You have already heard about places to explore and things to do there. You might have enquired about where to stay in old Manali too. But have you ever heard about the beauty of Old Manali? If not, let us tell you!

Where to stay in Old Manali –

Old Manali is only 2-3 km from the main Manali mall road. When you reach there, you will notice that it is an entirely different place. Away from the busy roads of Manali town, this place is less crowded and hence you can easily find a hotel where booking a room can appear pocket-friendly to you. So, your problem of where to stay in old Manali may also get resolved here.

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What is more important than finding a budget-friendly place to stay when you are on the trip with your family!

Old Manali- A backpacker’s Paradise

Instead of thinking about where to stay in old Manali learn more about the beauty of this place. It is a place where you can sit back and relax in the lap of nature away from the busy city life. The sunrise and sunset view is amazing and you will surely love the energy and positivity of this place. The beautiful swaying flowering garden, gently winding roads, gushing water of the river and the picturesque view of the mountain can make your day there. The environment is quite lively and energetic in this part of the city. You will find this place peaceful too.

It is a place where not only the hotels are budget-friendly but cafes and restaurants are also. Here, you will get an answer to the question “where to stay in old Manali” too. You can indulge in continental food at low prices as well.

Old Manali is a place that is frequently visited by tourists from all over the world. If people from outside the country can visit this place then why can’t you (while living in this country) go and stay there in India?