Book Best B&B Hotels in Manali at Cheap Prices

Manali is a beautiful town which everybody wants to explore once in their life. The travelers act as a volunteer in the yoga session and trekking adventures to come closer to nature. However, when they wander at each corner of Manali, they feel tired. Hence, it is vital to choose the best B&B hotels in Manali, so that you can feel fresh for the next day’s journey.

The full form of B&B is Bed and Breakfast. This expression conveys to the facility for a comfortable room and good food in the morning. It is true that everywhere these facilities are available, but at what cost?

Why is it essential to book the best B&B hotels in Manali?

Let suppose, you traveled for the whole day with enthusiasm with your friends and family. When you return back to your hotel, then the first need would probably take rest in your comfortable room. However, some guests feel cheated when they get average facilities even after paying a hefty amount to meet their needs. The situation becomes worse when the tourists do not get even a good breakfast. It may spoil your whole trip. The best hotel does not define by the high prices charged by the hotel, but it describes through the services served by the hotel staff sincerely.

Himalayan Country House may be a destination to complete your quest for the best B&B hotels in Manali. This hotel offers something truly special for the discerning traveler. The knowledgeable and welcoming hosts will provide unique experiences and facilities in beautiful locations, all with outstanding local food.

The visitants in this hotel are able to get the following services and facilities:

Location – This hotel identifies with the fact that Mani Temple, Mall Road, and other locations are nearby. Thus, it makes easier for travelers to visit their desired destinations and return back to their hotel before sunset.

Accommodation – You get overnight accommodation at affordable prices. The rooms are available at different prices, so people can make a choice according to their budget.

Sight-seeing – People feel fresh in the morning by meeting with nature through the view of waterfall and mountain from the balcony of this hotel.

Local cuisine – This hotel offers delicious local food to the tourists and is familiar with the taste and flavor of Manali local cuisine.

Dining Hall – There is one separate dining hall for all the guests where they interact with other people from diverse regions, states, and even countries.

Intercom connection – This is a facility that makes it convenient for tired travelers to order their requirements easily.

The customers who belong either to the mid-income group or low-income group, all would be able to enjoy these invaluable services.

The customers get annoyed with the irresponsible and rude hotel staff, tasteless food, an untidy room. These things will not please the guests even if they are witnessed in a five-star hotel but in the Himalayan Country Hotel, you will find no such spot to complain.

The Charm of Manali Old Village – B&B options galore

Heading to the Old Village, a two km auto ride from the Bus Stand in search of best B&B Hotels in Manali, is a choice not many travellers can shun. Set in the midst of a simple traditional village, Himalayan Country House is an ideal place for peaceful sojourn whether you are a nature lover, a family in search of quietude, a honeymoon couple, or simply a traveller exploring the unknown.

Behold nature’s bounty with a taste of local cuisine. 

The well-appointed Himalayan Country House not only offers the best views of the surrounding mountains rising above the quaint village below but also of distant waterfalls from the Veranda of luxurious wood-panelled rooms. Your search for the best B&B Hotels in Manali also leads you to the culinary delight of ample local cuisine on the platter here.

Traveler’s Guide to Manali

Named after Manu Rishi, Manali is aptly called the Valley of Gods. Nestled in Western Himalayas at 1929 mt above sea level in Kulu District, it is 270 km (168 mi) by road from Shimla. The only nearby airport is at Bhuntar about 50 km (31 mi) from Manali. The travel desk in best B&B Hotels in Manaliis your friendly guide to your journey of exploration in and around town:

For the Religious:

  • Manu Temple (200m)
  • Hidimba Temple (2km)
  • Vasishta Temple (4Km)

For the Explorer: 

  • Solang Valley (12Km)
  • Nagger (18Km)
  • Rohtang Pass (51Km)
  • Kasol/Manikaran (70/80Km)

For the Adventurous:

  • Rock Climbing
  • White Water Rafting
  • Canoeing
  • Para-gliding
  • Trekking
  • Mountain Biking

For the Peace-loving and Easy-going:

  • A stroll in the village
  • Old Manali Market (300m)
  • Manali Mall (3Km)

Charming Allure of Manali:

River Beas flows through the hill resort of Manali adds to its charm. Among the best B&B hotels in Manali, there is a healthy respect for traditions in harmony with local sensibilities. At the Himalayan Country House, it is for the guests to maintain peace and serenity matching its neighborhood. The local population of Manali is the only 8K, and they are used to simple, traditional, and austere living. Though cozy in ambiance, the hotel boasts of all the modern trappings of Wi-Fi and LED TV in every Super Deluxe Room. Adherence to the local sensibility of entering rooms without shoes, silence and early retirement at night is truly an experience of soaking in the local lifestyle of simplicity.

Looking beyond Manali

Once the origin of the trade route to Ladakh; a tourist can still undertake the journey through Karakoram pass starting from the best B&B hotels in Manali. One can also head to Lahaul and Spiti valley following the same route. The blissful hospitality at Himalayan Country House is the right impetus to look far beyond the ethereal beauty of Manali.

In search of the best B&B hotels in Manali, consider Himalayan Country Hotel on your list. Contact us to clear your queries.