Best Budget Hotels in Manali Where You Can Stay

Are you looking for the best hotels to stay in Manali as you have decided to go for a family trip there? If so, you are taking a good step before you start your journey. There are many places especially in Old Manali where you can get budget accommodation. Wait! You are looking for a hotel only and what about places to visit there. Have you tried to search on the internet or asked your friends about important places to visit and things to do there? If not yet, we are here to tell you.

Places to visit In Manali

If you have selected the best hotel in Manali to stay in Manalis, you may now want to know about places to visit.

  • Solang valley located about 30 minutes from Manali attracts tourists both in winter due to snow and summer for its adventure sports.
  • Rohtang pass, a must-visit place due to its main attraction- snow, is located at a height of 4000 meters and it will take 2-3 hours to reach there from Manali.
  • The powerful Beas river, a refreshing snow sport, flows rapidly through Manali.
  • Hadimba temple dedicated to goddess Hadimba, wife of Bhima (one of Pandavas brothers) is on the way to Old Manali.
  • If you love nature, then there is no better place than this hill station. There is a nature park that is bordering the Beas river between Manali town and old Manali.
  • A peaceful village, Old Manali, is a laid-back traveler center with its roads lined with guesthouses, cafes, and restaurants. Here you can get the budget-friendly best hotel in India to stay in Manali.
  • Vashisht temple and hot springs are also among good tourist attractions there. A picturesque Jogini waterfall located behind Vashisht is also an amazing place to visit.

Things to do in Manali-

This hill station is famous for various activities such as trekking, skydiving, biking, paragliding, hot air balloon, and river rafting, etc. Among places to go for trekking, the bhrigu lake trek is famous for beginners as it is easy to trek there. People often go there to do yoga and meditation due to a peaceful surrounding with beautiful mountains around.

After enjoying a full day there, you may feel tired. So, before leaving for the best hotel in India to stay in Manali, do not forget to get a massage done from any of the Maalishvalas who roam around the mall road with a massage kit.

Wait! What is left? Shopping! If you love shopping, then this place has various things to buy such as woolen shawls, salwar suits with Kashmiri embroidery, wooden items, and beautiful tribal jewelry at the Tibet market. Pickles made from apples are also popular there. If you visit this place, then do not forget to try and buy a bottle of them.

So, we have described many things which you must try and buy there. Make sure, you search for the best hotel in India to stay there and give try to all of the above-mentioned things.