The Best Place to Stay In Old Manali

Old Manali is the most popular hill station in the country and everyone desires to visit the exotic spots of Manali. When the travellers feel tired after a long journey,  they might want to rest and plan where to stay in old Manali.  It is necessary to get an idea about the habitat and ambience of Old Manali first in order to plan your stay.

Incredible Places To Visit On A Trip To Old Manali

Old Manali is situated in Himachal Pradesh and is surrounded with beautiful mountains and hills. Manali recognizes as the less crowded, clean and peaceful city. People can visit the following new places which include temples, restaurants and many other adventurous spots:

  •    Manali Club House
  •    The Lazy Dog Lounge
  •    Casa Bella Vista
  •    Disco Valley
  •    Manu Temple
  •    Statue of Lord Manu
  •    Hadimba Devi Temple
  •    Shree Ram Sharnam

Where to stay in old Manali?

In Old Manali, there are a number of hotels and guest houses where the tourists can rest. If you are in a dilemma where to stay in Manali, or in Old Manali, it is important to set your priorities.

You might have to think about the following points carefully so that you can find the perfect place to stay in old Manali. Where to stay in old Manali 3 Step-Guide:

  •   Set two different budgets, one for accommodation and travel till Manali and others for shopping, sightseeing or traveling in Manali.
  •    Consider whether to prefer sightseeing or shopping.
  •    Consider if you want a peaceful area or a cheerful crowded one.

If you have a high budget for activities in Manali and prefer shopping in the presence of an energetic crowd around the area, you might like to visit Manali excluding the Old Manali region. However, your Manali tour is meaningful only when you feel peace and energetic in the delightful sceneries of this amazing city.

If you prefer a peaceful area and value sightseeing more than shopping, feel free to visit Old Manali and experience the rich culture of the Old Manali and Himachal.

Cheapest hotel in Manali, where you feel home away home environment

Himalayan Country House is a hotel where you can plan your stay in Old Manali.  Here, you will be provided all required services such as ventilated rooms, conveyance facilities, and yoga sessions. The fact that makes this hotel more special is that it is located near Manu Temple. People who choose this hotel,  don’t need to spend extra money on travel conveyances to explore picturesque sightseeing spots of old Manali.

Besides Manu Temple, you can also visit the Statue of Lord Manu and Bandhar temple. Though there is a lack of crowded markets, the visitants can fulfill their needs in the nearby shops and galleries. You can also enjoy the rich taste of authentic Himalayan tea and coffee in nearby cafes and restaurants such as The Shed and Café Nirvana.

In conclusion, if you still have any uncertainty about where to stay in old Manali, serenity lovers can freely visit Old Manali, and if you still cannot plan where to stay in Old Manali, feel free to call Himalayan Country House to help you sort out your accommodation and hospitality needs.

Do You Know The Best Place to Stay in Manali?

Has life been hectic lately? Is stress getting to you? It’s time to pack your bags and head off on a vacation. Where do you ask? Manali of course! The jewel from Himachal Pradesh is a haunt for tourists all-round the year.

Reviews by seasoned travellers will back up what one can experience in Manali. Are you wondering where to stay in old Manali? We have the answer for you.

Where to stay in old Manali?

Manali has many options to fit every traveller’s budget. There are cottages, hotels, hostels and much more. We have the inside scoop on which option to choose for your next trip.

Cottages: Manali has some of the most picturesque cottages. If one is travelling in a group or with a family, booking an entire cottage would be best. If you are looking for where to stay in old Manali with a group of friends, then go for this option.

You will have option to cook your meals or order in from one of many restaurants nearby. The top three popular cottages to stay in are The Holidays Resorts Cottages and Spa, Foghills Manali Cottages and Paramount View Cottages.

Hostels: For budgeted travels, one has the option of hostels. Hostels in Manali are frequented by foreigners, backpackers and many young students looking for an inexpensive stay. The mood here is chilled out and one can get the chance to make many friends. Among all the budget where to stay in Manali options, hostels top our list.

Hotels: If you are getting overwhelmed with where to stay in Manali, the traditional route is always good. Hotels in Manali are plentiful and of varying rates to fit all budgets. Stay in the heart of Manali or the outskirts, and there are hotels all over.

Camping: If all else fails, good old camping will always hit the spot. There are numerous camping spots all over Manali where you can get the joy of sleeping under the stars and breathe in the clean mountain air. Try camping at the Beas River, Solang Valley, and Bhutnar next time you are in Manali.

There is something for everything to do here. Be it adventure sports, backpacking, hiking or anything else, head over here. Visit Old Manali to get a taste of yoga, good food, friendly company, and beautiful nature.

Visiting Manali: The Ideal Place To Stay In And The Best Sites To Explore At The Hill Station

Lined with gorgeous valleys, green-clad hill slopes and picturesque mountains, Manali is one of the most prominent tourist destinations of the country. It magnetizes a host of tourists every year with its enchanting natural beauty, as well as auspicious temples. Many hotels in Old Manali have subsequently been developed over the years to adequately cater to the accommodation requirements of the people visiting this hill station.

Planning a trip to Manali

People planning to spend their days amidst the glorious surroundings of Manali would firstly have to book the relevant flight or train tickets for this hilly town. The nearest Broad Gauge Rail Head I from here is Chandigarh (250km) and Ambala Cantt (200km). From there, people can easily find buses for Manali. The nearest airport from here is the Bhuntar ( Kullu ) Airport. This airport is 50km away from Manali, and people can find both taxis and buses to the hill station from there.

After making their travel bookings, people should ask themselves where to stay in Manali. Much like all prominent tourist destinations, there are a plethora of options available in this hill station when it comes to hotels and resorts. People should carefully deliberate upon their requirements and budget prior to booking their stay at any Manali hotel.

There are several factors that travellers need to take into consideration when selecting the perfect hotel to spend their days in Manali. By choosing the best place to stay in Old Manali, one is surely going to enjoy a highly comfortable and hassle-free vacationing experience at this hill station. Here are a few of the characteristics of the very best hotels present in Manali:

  • Location: The most renowned hotels of Manali are located quite advantageously, so as to ensure the optimal convenience of the guests. The tourists can find most of these hotels in the Old Manali region, as this area houses some of the key markets and landmarks of the region. As the majority of people tend to visit Manali on a bus, the location of these hotels comes as a great advantage for them. By choosing to book their stay in the lavish hotels near Manali bus stand, the bus travellers would get the advantage of relaxing in the comforts of their room just a while after stepping into this hill-station.


  • Amenities: The facilities and conveniences offered by a hotel would be another key aspect that people should take into consideration when deciding where to stay in Manali. Good hotels of this town tend to be designed as per the tastes of contemporary urban travellers, and hence are well-equipped with a plethora of modern amenities and facilities. Conveniences like premium restaurants, spa facilities, and swimming pools can typically be found in these establishments.


  • The superior quality of service: The premium Manali hotels are largely characterized by the unparalleled level of service offered by them. The staff members belonging to these hotels typically are quite experienced and well-qualified, and hence have the capacity to meet the requirements and demands of the guests adequately. The staff of the best place to stay in Old Manali always maintain a friendly and affable demeanor and are ready to serve the guests at all times. These professionals provide individual attention to each of the guests and do whatever they can to ensure that they enjoy a comfortable stay.


  • Well-maintained guest rooms: The guest rooms of the best Old Manali hotels tend to be beautifully designed, decorated and furnished. These rooms are usually quite spacious and well-ventilated to facilitate the optimal comfort of the guests.

Subsequent to choosing the best hotel in Old Manali to stay in, it would be the time for people to prepare an itinerary for their tour. Their itinerary should include the best attractions and landmarks of Manali.

 The best attractions of Manali

  • Solang Nullah: Located between the Beas Kund and the Solang Village, this gorgeous site gets his name from the words Solang (a nearby village) and Nullah (Water Stream). The Solang Nullah magnetizes tourists from near and far with its mesmerizing views. From here people can enjoy awe-inspiring views of the glaciers, as well as the snowcapped peaks near the Rohtang Pass. Owing to the elevation of Solang Nullah, it provides the perfect place to go skiing on the slopes and play in the snow.


  • Jogni Falls: People staying in thebest place to stay in Old Manali should surely check out the Jogni Falls. Jogni Falls is one of the most gorgeous sights to see in Old Manali. Apart from enjoying picturesque views, people can also get the opportunity to take a refreshing shower under the cool waters of this fall. However, it is advisable that people do not scream or talk loudly here, as this waterfall is considered to be spiritual, and the locals believe that making loud noises here would be disrespectful.


  • Manali Sanctuary: A trip to Manali cannot be truly complete without visiting its beautiful sanctuary in order to witness its native mountain wildlife. The Manali Sanctuary is one of the key parts of the northwest Himalayan biogeographic zone. Here the tourists can get a chance to spot Snow Pigeons, Barking Deer, Flying Fox, Himalayan Black Bear, Treecreepers, Chakor and Kashmir Flying Squirrel. This gorgeous sanctuary is full of thick trees like horse chestnut, deodars, poplar, and willows.


  • Hadimba Temple: Located quite close to the hotels in Old Manali, this is one of the most auspicious landmarks of the region. This temple has been dedicated to Queen Hadimba, who was the wife of Bhima. The Hadimba temple features a unique style of construction that charms all pilgrims and visitors.

In addition to the above-mentioned sites, there are numerous other places to visit in Manali, such as the Casa Bella Vista, Manali Club House, Disco Valley, Manu Temple, Statue of Lord Manu and Shree Ram Sharnam.

By choosing the best when it comes to where to stay in old Manali and what places to visit in the town, people can surely enjoy a fruitful stay there.