The Best Place to Stay In Old Manali – Himalayan Country House

Manali is the most popular hill station in the country and everyone desires to visit the exotic spots of Manali. When the travelers feel tired after a long journey,  they might want to rest and plan where to stay in Manali.  Iit is necessary to get an idea about the habitat and ambience of Old Manali first in order to plan your stay.

Incredible Places To Visit On A Trip To Manali

Old Manali is situated in Himachal Pradesh and is surrounded with beautiful mountains and hills. Manali recognizes as the less crowded, clean and peaceful city. People can visit the following new places which include temples, restaurants and many other adventurous spots:

  •    Manali Club House
  •    The Lazy Dog Lounge
  •    Casa Bella Vista
  •    Disco Valley
  •    Manu Temple
  •    Statue of Lord Manu
  •    Hadimba Devi Temple
  •    Shree Ram Sharnam

Where to stay in old Manali?

In Old Manali, there are a number of hotels and guest houses where the tourists can rest. If you are in dilemma where to stay in Manali, or in Old Manali, it is important to set your priorities.

You might have to think about the following points carefully, so that you can find the perfect place to stay in old Manali. Where to stay in old Manali 3 Step-Guide:

  •   Set two different budgets, one for accommodation and travel till Manali and other for shopping, sightseeing or traveling in Manali.
  •    Consider whether prefer sightseeing or shopping.
  •    Consider if you want a peaceful area or a cheerful crowded one.

If you have a high budget for activities in Manali and prefer shopping in the presence of an energetic crowd around the area, you might like to visit Manali excluding the Old Manali region. However, your Manali tour is meaningful only when you feel peace and energetic in the delightful sceneries of this amazing city.

If you prefer a peaceful area and value sightseeing more than shopping, feel free to visit Old Manali and experience the rich culture of the Old Manali and Himachal.

Cheapest hotel in Manali, where you feel home away home environment

Himalayan Country House is a hotel where you can plan your stay in Old Manali.  Here, you will be provided all required services such as ventilated rooms, conveyance facilities, and yoga sessions. The fact that makes this hotel more special is that it is located near Manu Temple. People who choose this hotel,  don’t need to spend extra money on travel conveyances to explore picturesque sightseeing spots of old Manali. Besides Manu Temple, you can also visit Statue of Lord Manu and Bandhar temple. Though there is a lack of crowded markets, the visitants can fulfill their needs in the nearby shops and galleries. You can also enjoy the rich taste of authentic Himalayan tea and coffee in nearby cafes and restaurants such as The Shed and Café Nirvana.

In conclusion, if you still have any uncertainty about where to stay in Manali, serenity lovers can freely visit Old Manali, and if you still cannot plan where to stay in Old Manali, feel free to call Himalayan Country House to help you sort out your accommodation and hospitality needs.